About Us

We bring to the job multi-Disciplinary Teams with requisite capacity, capability and outstanding track record in undertaking and managing major engineering projects. As we work towards our vision of being the preferred engineering development partner in Kenya, We take pride in the growth so far. 


We are managed by highly trained and experienced staff in various areas of specialization. We execute our work using International Standards and Certifications while remaining committed to health, safety and environmental protection in accordance with international practice.


We have the capacity to plan, design, construct and maintain a wide range of electrical and mechanical works. We promise you quality products and services every time.

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Environmental Health & Safety at Work

Our skilled team is equipped with vast knowledge to ensure timely, fast and efficient execution of our projects.

We hold highly the responsibility to realize the commitment to environmental health and safety by undertaking and conducting business that is safe for our employees, the public and the environment in which we operate in.

Our commitment is to ensure zero injuries and environmental incidents. We are guided by the objectives below

  • To ensure that all safety and health measures are put in place for all projects and tasks undertaken. 
  • To recognize that long-term businesses only prosper in an environment that is friendly and safe.
  • To prevent accidents or incidents to personnel on site or members of the public by taking all requisites precautions.
  • To maintain and sustain environmental standards and preserves flora and fauna.